Cannot cycle file view and address bar w/ Tab key (Opus 11)

After upgrading to DO11, using the new default toolbars, the Tab key no longer cycles between the file view and the address bar as previously. Instead, it cycles between the file view and the new search box, but after disabling the search box (I don't want it), Tab just cycles.. nothing. If I re-enable the DO10 toolbar set, the cycling works, but I want to give the new address bar a chance.

I am aware that I can set up shortcuts to focus the address bar and file view separately, but I like the convenience of tabbing between them.

I don't think there is a way to use tab to cycle through fields on the File Display Toolbar at the moment, since it's treated specially.

If it really bothers you, there is the option of moving back to having the Location field on a normal toolbar (and switching off the File Display Toolbar so you go back to the old, small File Display Border that was the norm in Opus 10).

BTW, the default hotkeys are F4 and Alt-D, and you can also edit the path by pushing Shift-Enter, or navigate to a new path by typing directly into the lister without having to activate the location field at all.

OK, that's quite a shame. I like tab as a quick and well-placed key for flipping the two controls. It's also handy when you have focus in the location bar and want to Ctrl+Tab - you cannot Ctrl+Tab when focus is in the location bar.

How do I remove the green location bar completely?

If you turn off Preferences / File Displays / Border / Show file display border in single display mode then it will be hidden in single-display mode. You can't hide it in dual-display mode (as then there would be no way to see which folder the destination display is currently in).