Cannot delete file

Need some help on a Dup File finder issue.

Using the duplicate file finder I came up with a list of around 5000 files selected for deletion, as expected. But when I select delete, I am getting an "OK" error dialog which reads "Cannot delete file:" and the whole delete operation aborts. Note the colon at the end of the message. I'm assuming there was supposed to be a file name listed after it but it shows nothing.

The sequence actually goes like this:[ul]

  • Selected Delete from the Dup File Finder pane
  • A dialog pops up:[ul]
    Title: (99% Deleting)
    Message: "Current file: "
    status bar = 0%[/ul]
  • Another dialog pops up:[ul]
    Title: Deleting...
    Message: Preparing to Delete[/ul]
  • A third dialog pops up:[ul]
    Title: Error Deleting File or Folder
    Message: "Cannot delete file:"[/ul]
  • Select OK in the last dialog
  • The 2nd and 3rd dialogs disappear, followed by the 1st dialog after a few seconds
  • Back to the Lister and nothing has been deleted.[/ul]


It sounds like it is trying to delete to the recycle bin, and this is failing for some reason. Unfortunately there's no real way to know why as Explorer (which is responsible for the recycle bin) doesn't provide proper error reporting for this. Is it possible your recycle bin is full or maybe corrupt in some way?

If you're sure you want to permanently delete the files, you can temporarily turn off the recycle bin from Preferences / File Operations / Deleting Files.

Or just hold Shift when you click Delete, assuming the button runs the standard Delete SHIFT command.

I don't think it does, that's why I said that :slight_smile:

It's on my default toolbar at least.

I meant the delete button in the duplicate finder...

Oops, didn't realise. That's what happens when you watch the Formula 1 while trying to answer questions. :slight_smile: