Cannot delete "Print" context menu item

Hi! I recently purchased Dopus and am loving it so far. One minor thing I can't figure out though.

I have been editing my context menus. Whenever I right click an image, I get a "Print" option that doesn't appear for other file types. See here: I went to Settings->File Types->Edit->Context Menu and cannot find "Print" . I have looked under All files, All files and folders, Recognized images, Images file type group, and JPG and JPEG system file types. I cannot find the "Print" entry in order to delete it.

It's probably under Actions rather than Context Menu in the file type. Those provide named actions which things can run programmatically (e.g. if something wants to print an image), and they're also added to the context menus by default.

(This means that deleting the action may remove the ability to print those files from some software, although you can always load them into the same tool that added the menu item and print them from there.)

I tried editing the Actions tab, but wasn't having much luck. However, I was able to perform some registry edits in order to delete the "Print" context menu item.