Cannot Export DOPUS to USB


  1. PC is running Windows 10
  2. DOPUS on my PC is Release 11
  3. Registration code for my software is


  1. Needed to replace my USB drive with a new following corruption
  2. Purchased additional USB license giving me 2 licenses when I really only need one
  3. Performed Export to USB (32 and 64 bit versions)
  4. Export appears to perform the export, however, no software is actually transferred to my 2 TB Seagate USB drive


  1. No directory for DOPUS created on USB drive

Any suggestions?

So the export dialog showed files were being copied to anywhere, and took a while to do that part, but the files don't seem to be there?

Was the right device (and destination folder, if the "dongle" option was selected) definitely chosen for the export?

If you type X:\DOPUS (where X is the USB drive letter), does that take you to the exported folder? (Perhaps it is being filtered from view in the parent folder for some reason.)