Cannot hide Folders with Hidden atributes using Hide Filters

I have set up 2 filters so I can quickly switch between the 2 views that do the following:

  1. Show all files and folders irrespective of attributes
  2. Do not show any files and folders that have the Hidden attribute.

Filter 1 works fine
Filter 2 only works for files and folders in the windows, not the main folder tree on the left.
I want the files/folders hidden in ALL panes including the Folder Tree

Results of Filter 1 - Show All

Filter for Filter 2 - Do not show Hidden files and folders

Results of Filter 2 - Do not show Hidden files and folders

Please let me know what the solution is.

Only global filters affect the folder tree, since it is not affected by folder formats.

I recommend turning on the global option to filter out hidden files.

When you want to see everything, use the Show Everything feature, which disables all filtering with a single click.

Both are shown here: Toggle display of Hidden / System files

Ignore most of what I just said: The Show Everything option does not affect the folder tree either. (The info may still be of interest so I've left it up, but crossed out to avoid confusion.)

The tree uses the global filters (Preferences / Folders / Global Filters), in conjunction with the tree-specific preferences (Preferences / Folder Tree / Contents). The tree will show hidden files if they are turned on in both places. If they're only on in one place then it won't show them.

So you can use the Show Hidden Files toggle within the Lister menu (which toggles the similar option under Preferences / Folders / Global Filters, without having to open Preferences). That will toggle whether or not you see hidden files in both the folder tree and main file displays.

Thanks Leo
I am a noobie testing out DirectoryOpus before I decide to buy it or not.

How do I set up buttons in the toolbar to switch between listers of:

  • Show All files/folders
  • Do not show hidden.

This function is a single click of a check box in Windows Explorer, so I am trying to replicate my commonly used functions as a single click without having to click on multiple menu items/options (once set up) or having to write an operation to effect the same change.

I have created 2 listers using your guide, one with hidden/other not, but when I switch between the two - only the last one changed seems to be applied to both. I have been trying multiple options of saving each lister after I update the preferences, but I cannot get the 2 views to work - it only applies that last change no matter which I select.


Hi Lee
After messing around with a few things, using the Folder > Hidden Files seems to toggle hidden files in all panes on and off as I want (as per the link in your original post), so that's the solution I am after.