Cannot Open Excel Files 2

When I click on an Excel file in Opus 12 to open it, the program opens but shows a blank windows.If i clik maximize or maximize button then the contens was displayed.If double-clicking Excel files in Explorer,it works well.Can anyone tell me how to handle it?

Make sure Opus isn't running elevated, as that could cause problems launching things via DDE (Why NOT to run Opus as Administrator under UAC).

Try repairing the Excel install in case that fixes the filetypes.

Try disabling antivirus or excluding Opus from it, in case it is blocking something.

Since maximizing the window has an effect, try disabling any tools which modify the way windows behave or are placed, "multi-monitor" tools, or tools that add things to window borders, in case they're causing a freeze until the window is resized somehow.

You can use Settings > File Types > File > Diagnostic to save a dump of the registry settings for the file type and send that to us to see if we can see what's wrong. Please link your account first if you want us to look at that.

Thanks for Leo 's reply and help!The hidden built-in administrator account as my default account in my win7 ultimate system running on my notebook PC.And a External monitor as the only main display(the PC's buit-in monitor disabled).
I follow your instrution to disable antivirus and firewall as well as external monitor but the problem remains the same. It is further explained that the problem mentioned only appears when opening the EXECL file.For other types of files ,such as word, working well under Opus.
I inadvertently try to create another administrator account called "test" , then Opus running well under it.The problem is till exists after Opus reinstalled.
Finally I restored Win 7 system from the backup created before and intalled Opus.It's great! Annoying problems was eliminated!