Cannot open files on desktop with in Vista x64

[quote="sinx"]This topic really isn't progressing anywhere, so I'll just say one last thing to leave my piece.

The Microsoft OS and 64-Bit is not new. It's only "new" in the minds of people because most people don't use it and dependable software support is still in the infant stages.[/quote]
Yeah, it wasn't really going to progress any further than Nudel's first reply... that GPSoft were working on a native x64 version of Opus. I'm sure details will be made more available once they have the chance to get a significant portion of work done.

Agree about the 'newness' comment... And I consider something 'new' until it properly works the way people want ot need it to... Opus is actually one of the few applications I bother to install when a major .0 release is made available... for alot of others I wait until a patch or service pack comes out...

Hello ch40s...

Like most DOpus users, I find the desktop double-click incredibly useful. It was an inspired innovation from GPSoft.

However, there was a period when it did not work in Vista32 either. My response was to add a button to my main toolbar as follows:


where "My Default", as its name suggests, is my main layout.

It is remarkable how quickly you can train your "muscle memory" to click that button instead of double-clicking the desktop. Of course, once the double-click started working in Vista32, I just as quickly reverted.

finally a reply about my initial problem again^^... i mentioned before i'll stick with the vista browser as long as there is no full bug-free vista64 support, because i simply dont like half-way solutions

As per the Announcements forum, GPSoft are looking for more people to test the x64 version of Opus that is being worked on at the moment.

See here for more details.