Cannot open folder from IDM

try DO 11.4 now, and find out a problem, I cannot use the open folder function from IDM, anything wrong?

What is IDM? Internet Download Manager, or something else?

What happens when you use the open folder function?

If you turn off Explorer Replacement in Opus (Preferences / Launching Opus / Explorer Replacement), does it work then, or is the problem still there?

yes,Internet Download Manager。
when i select a download file and right click to use open folder function, it is not working.
Of course, if I turn off Explorer Replacement, then it is OK.
it seems working in older version if I turn on Explorer Replacement.
something strange.

It's working for me--6.19 build 9.

Make sure Opus is not set to run as admin, and also check that other programs are able to open folders in Opus.