Cannot replace Explorer for Opus

Dear Everyone:

I cannot have Directory Opus replace Explorer, despite the fact that I have set the Explorer Replacement option as to "Replace Explorer for all but the following folders (Recycle Bin)".

Here are the details:
(1) This occurs when I use Chrome.
(2) This occurs when I try to download a PDF displayed on the window to a local folder.
(3) Explorer continues to show up.

Please let me know how I can make Opus come up instead of Explorer at all times.

Thank you,


Do you mean Explorer or file dialog? The file dialog can't be replaced.

Dear Sasa:

Thank you for clarification! I meant file dialog and I now understand that cannot be replaced. It would be great if a future version would allow us to replace.


As said this is unfortunately not possible due to MS restrictions. Lots of people tried to replace.