Cannot restore config when opus is running AND /config switch does nothing when combined with /norun

When restoring config from command-line using dopus.exe /config <path/to/config/file> , you cannot also use /norun switch - ie. it doesn't import the config.

Also, I know it's documented, but why doesn't it allow you to import a config when dopus.exe is already running (it just opens a lister with config file highlighted)

It's Opus that imports the config backup, so you have to run Opus to do that. No way around it, unless you want to restore the config files manually outside of Opus.

If Opus is already running, you can use the Prefs command to import a config (but it'll still cause it to close all windows and effectively restart, so it isn't that different to having your script close it first),

The command-line stuff you're using only exists for silent installs in managed/corporate environments. It would be unusual to use it in other situations, or to use it at all for most people.

How to import a config without launching a lister that has the config file highlighted ?

I am using it for silent install, but just want config installed without showing config folder when Opus lister is launched for first time after reboot.

This lets you do the import without worrying about whether or not Opus is already running:

dopusrt.exe /cmd Prefs RESTORE=replace,all FROM "C:\Opus Config Backup" QUIET

(Where C:\Opus Config Backup.ocb is the config backup. The extension isn't included in the command.)

I think which windows open will be down to the config. We can probably add a way to import a config and suppress any windows opening but I'm not sure if there's a way to do that currently.

Another alternative for a silent install is to copy the config folder itself, without using a config backup. All of the config is just files, and there's only one folder that really matters (unless you care about automatic history lists and similar), so that could be easier for what you're doing.