Cannot scroll with nouse in picture viewer

i have the following problem (XPSP2):

I chose OPus to handle jpeg files, when double clicking on a
jpeg file opus viewer oppens - thats ok. But i cannot scroll
forward or backward between pictures with mouse wheel or
clicking the picture - it dont work either if i ckick on the
small arrows in the opus viewer window. Whats wrong?

regards Nolan

Are you double-clicking the file within Opus or are you launching the viewer from another program (e.g. the Windows Desktop)?

At the moment the list of next/previous images is only generated when you double-click within Opus.

If you are double-clicking the files in Opus then it's probably just that you need to turn on Preferences / Viewer / Viewer (Standalone): Cycle through pictures with mouse wheel.


yes i double click from within opus, and i have checked the feature you mention - but scrolling dont work - and the left and right arrows are greyed out too

Is it some setting in a plugin that i have to set ?

I have disabled some services in xp does that affetc this ?

EDIT: i see the left and right arrows in the bbuild n viewer but in the stand alone viewer the lefet and right arriws are greyed out. See attached screenshot

regards Nolan

Is Generate Next/Previous list automatically on double-click turned on?

What type of files are the others in the directory?

yes its turned on - and the directory contains only jpegs.

regards Nolan

Strange... Could you post a screenshot of the folder you're double-clicking in, and another screenshot of the Viewer(Standalone) page in Preferences? Maybe there's something else I haven't thought of.


yea i will post a pic. But i uninstalled and reinstalled and when i chose opus to handle picture and sounds during installation it works. If i do not choose this it do NOT work.

Therefor i chose to let opus take care od oics and sounds - but now i want MS document handler to handle *.tif and even it i associate this filetype to MS document handler - opus opens it ????

What to dO??

regards Nolan

Change Preferences - Double-Click - Files: Use internal picture viewer for...

Looks like that is also why Next/Prev wasn't working. Opus only seems to genereate the next/prev lists if the internal picture viewer was turned on in Prefs. If the Opus viewer is launched, but via filetypes rather than that setting, then it acts as if an external program launched it and doesn't generate the Next/Prev list.

I'll talk to Jon about how this can be fixed.


thanks - i think you re are right here. But how do i change a setting so that windows normal viewer handles eg *.tif files ?

Regards nolan

You can only have one thing working or the other at the moment, unless you want to unregister the image filetypes that you do want Opus to handle, and then tell Opus to use the internal viewer only for unregistered types, leaving TIF registered to the MS viewer.


  1. will you fix that "bug" ?
  2. how do i do what you suggest - regarding registration ? so that it works ? I only want tiffs to be handled by default windows viewer (because tiffs can be multi paged - and opus cant show more that the first page) the rest i want handled by opus


I've mentioned it to GPSoft and it sounds like the viewer should be able to generate the file list when launched the other way, but they haven't said when the improvement will be done. I think they're very busy getting things wrapped up for the next release so this may not make it in the very next version. It's something I want too, though, so I'll keep bugging them. :slight_smile:

For what it's worth, I'm part of the way through making a multi-page TIFF plugin but I don't know when it will be ready as a bunch of other plugin work has higher priority at the moment and I'm doing it all in my spare time.

The more I think about it the more I think my idea isn't a great one, but if you delete the filetypes (using the Opus filetype editor) for the images that you do want shown in Opus, then set Opus to only use the internal viewer for recognised images which don't have registered filetypes, then you should get what you want.

Of course, you'll also lose the ability to double-click those image files outside of Opus, and they'll have generic icons and so on... It's not really a good idea. For now you are probably better off living with either the Opus viewer not having a next/prev list, or viewing TIFF in the Opus viewer.

An alternative solution is to let the Opus viewer handle all double-clicked image files and then create a toolbar button or hotkey which opens the selected files using the Windows viewer. Then you can use that to view TIFF files, although they'll still open in the Opus viewer if you double-click them.

Hi Nudel

Thanks for your support to fix this :slight_smile:

Ill wait for the appropriate update

best ragards