Cannot search files with "(" characters


I cannot search files with "(" or "[" characters. At first glance I thought it had something to do with the Unicode/ANSI version dilemma (I was running v. ANSI) and turned to v. Unicode but now got the same problem ...

To check I was not doing anything wrong, I searched for a specific file and with the wildcard (*) masked characters one per try, until I got to "("; masking this one the search succesfully found the file.

I can do the search with windows search tool without problem.

Any idea?


( and ) are wildcard characters so you have to escape them with ' (single-quote). I guess the same is true of [ and ].

e.g. to search for i[/i] use '(*')

The ( and ) characters are used in wildcards to do an OR match. For example b[/b] would match moo or cow.

Note: This only applies to wildcard pattern matching. If you're using a regular expression match instead then you still have to escape both characters, but you'd use [b][/b] (backslash) instead, as is standard with regexps.

Hi Nudel,

You're right. I've used before the "(this|orthis)" but thought that unchecking "use wildcard" would bypass that.

The same works for "[" and "]".

Thank you!