Cannot see thumbnails


Hopign someone could help me. Cannot see the thumbnails of jpeg files. Is there a setting I could change to enable this? On thumbnail view, all I see is the picture icon, no thumbnail, which is a bit odd.

Appreciate if someone could help me here.


Could you post a screenshot of what you see?

Is it definitely happening to all JPEGs?

Can you still view JPEGs in the Opus viewer panel?

Yes happening to all JPEGs.

I can see photos in the viewer panel.


See attached. It started to work for a few minutes, where I could see the thumbnails. Then it reverted back to this view after awhile.

Maybe there's a problem with your thumbnail cache.

Go to Preferences -> Listers -> Thumbnails and click the Thumbnail Caching Settings... button near the bottom. Verify that the path Opus is trying to store the cache in is valid and has disc space, and try clicking the button which clears the cache in case it's become corrupted somehow.

I created a new thumbnail cache folder under My Documents located on the same drive. Now it's working.

Interesting that it wasn't working previously.

Thanks for your help.