Cannot select multiple files

I have got V9 configured except for one thing, and I have been at it for some time, I just do not see anything that sets it, and any that look at if they may set it do not.

I cannot select multiple files, if I select 1 and drag it (as I have always done with V8) all that happens is that I drag the selected file with the mouse.

I don't see anything in the help etc.

So near but so far.

Sounds like you are used to using Power mode but are currently in Details mode.

If you are in Power mode, check in Preferences to see what the left mouse button is set to do. The setting is under Lister Display Modes - Power Mode.

the left button is at "Normal Drag Select".
I tried all the options for it to no avail.

I'm beat on this one.

Works fine here. :confused:

You're definitely in Power Mode, right? (View -> Power)

I had given up all hope when I decided to go through the menus,s and in View it was not set to Power Mode so I set it and it now works.

Thanks nudel.