Cannot select multiple folders

I am so impressed by Dopus. Amazing program. I wish I new it earlier!

Anyhow, I must have mis-configured somewhere... I have this problem.

I use single click to select. So, when the courser moves of to a file, it selects. Then, if I do shift+down arrow, it selects all the files in the path of courser.
Now, this exact move cannot select folders.

And Ctrl+A to select all again, selects only files, not the folders.

I am making sure I'm NOT using power mode.

If anyone can help I'm appreciative. thank you!

Are you sure they're not selected? It works fine here. Perhaps you've changed the colours for selected folders so there's no longer a visual cue that they're selected.

Have you checked how your keyboard shortcuts are set up lately?


For some reason, it is solved.
So embarrassing :frowning: but thank you for your time Steve and John.