Cannot show drives on toolbar

I have Opus on a few win10 machines. On all but one of them when I go to the Settings pull down I get the following option below Toolbar Sets, and Images. It is called Applications and the first check box is for Drives. On my Surface Go the section on Applications is missing so I cannot select the Drives toolbar. All machine are running Win 10.

Leo, this machine is the one that I wrote you about on Jan 30, 2019, where renaming a file or folders caused a temporary duplicate to appear. You never came up with a solution but recently I decided to uninstall Opus and reinstall it, and voila - the problem went away. But just recently I noticed this new issue listed above.

Any thoughts?

Type /buttons into the path field and push return.

All the toolbars are stored there, and you can copy them from one machine to the other if any you want are missing.

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Thank you Leo. Worked like a charm. I copied the application and drives dop files from my other PC. Curious that on a clean install they didn't just come with the install. I had not deleted them and haven't been troubled to have to add them in the past.