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Cannot use Boolean Functions when Searching


I'm searching for all documents pertaining to Windows 10. Unfortunately, I have used both Windows 10 and win10 so need to find both. Listing win10 OR Windows 10 in Name matching returns nothing. Windows 10 AND win10 is no help, either. I also want to not include recycle bin results, so intend to use something like NOT $RECYCLE.BIN*

I'm sure that this question has been asked earlier. Is there a search window that I have missed?
There is a blue "Your topic is similar to" , but the suggestions really do not apply


Assuming we're using Tools > Find Files (and not the Windows Search field, top-right):

  • (win10|windows 10)

  • Pattern Matching Syntax manual page.

  • To exclude a sub-folder below your starting point, use the Advanced tab and one of these methods:


Thanks for your help, Leo. I found all the folders and files I was looking for, but was unable to exclude all files the Recycle Bin folder. Everything is on an external hard drive, D: One of my attempts is shown below: image


That may not work as expected. If you mix AND and OR, you need to use brackets (or the equivalent of brackets; not literally brackerts in this case, but that's how it maps back to boolean logic).

You want (X or Y) and Z
but you might get X or (Y and Z).

The sub-clause option in the UI lets you bracket expressions.

BUT, in this case you can avoid that entirely by doing what I suggested and combining both name clauses into a single one which looks for (win10|windows 10), with use wildcards turned on for it.