Canon RAW (.CR2) problems


I would love to be able to view thumbnails of my canon raw files (.cr2) in dopus. On nudels webpage theres a link to dcraw (which apparently is used) on which it says that my camera is supported (eos 350d), but nothing shows up in dopus when viewing thumbnails, just the ordinary icon, the plug-in config even comes with .cr2 files in "Raw Image Extensions"

I can verify this as well. My Canon (a Rebel XT) is the USA version of the EOS 350 and it only displays Hex when I try to view a thumbnail of any .CR2 image. When I try to load a Camera Profile, the plug-in says it's not a supported format although .cr2 is in the list and the camera is on the list of supported cameras. My Olympus .ORF raw image thumbnails display just fine.

Nudel should I upload one of my .CR2 files and email you the link to it?

Please do and I'll take a lot at it when I can.

Ok, I'll upload it and send you the link tomorrow when I'm at my office where I have a high speed connection (too many birthdays pass by when I upload/download via my dial up connection here at home).

It's been zipped, uploaded, and an email should be on the way to you now Leo.

Any movement on this? This would make my life so much easier if Dopus could see these files

I've done some work on it but it's not ready yet. I've got to convert the latest version of DCRaw into something that will work inside another program, which is somewhat time consuming. In the process I've tried to automate the conversion to some degree which should mean future updates can be made faster.

I'll try and make some progress on it this weekend.

Zuma or plugins.. zuma or plugins...