Can't create 2 similar context menu actions

Hi, anyone know if there's a 'reason' I can't seem to get this to work?

I want to create 2 Context/Drop menu actions:

Copy WHENEXISTS=rename

When I create the second one, they both appear in the File Type edit window, but when I OK out of the file type editor only the 'second' one is saved. If I go back in and re-add the 'first' one then the existing one is replaced. Huh?

Seems okay to me, although I'm still on U and haven't rebooted for U yet.

(That's after closing the filetype editor and re-opening it.)

Did you give both items the same name or anything like that?

Hmmm... weird, I retried it exactly as you showed doing it and it worked fine. Oddly enough it appears to be the 'name' I tried assigning to the actions - e.g. Copy/Auto-Rename and Move/Auto-Rename. Guess the filetype editor get's weirded out by the slash chars? Thanks for checking it out Nudel... never occurred to me to try a different name for the actions.