Can't create new folders

and another issue im having with DIRECTORY OPUS

assume im in this directory, C:\Program Files\Directory Opus
i want to create a new folder, called TECHNICALL ISSUES. i RIGHT CLICK, go create new folder and NOTHING HAPPENS. ie a box should show allowing me to type in the name of a new to be folder.

if i go to any other folder, ie just select at random amy other folder i can do this. even if i right click this new folder called NEW FOLDER, go cut then click on the directory opus FOLDER and go past i get a warning this is not allowed.

further more if i open WINDOWS EXPLORER, ie explorer i can create the new directory i want on DIRECTORY OPUS. but if i try and save a opened txt file from a txt editor into this folder it does not show up in this new folder.

however i can perform all of these tasks in explorer.

so whats going on here.

philip jh

That sounds like an issue with folder changes not being detected, or possibly Opus being blocked from seeing them:

hello leo


oops caps. omg why doesnt windows have a caps key that remains on just for 1 letter

but again no MAKE NEW FOLDER option appears.

so i did this but it still does not work.

if this "Windows change-notification system " is the cause of the problem how do i correct it as i dont want to have to hop back into EXPLORER each time i try to make a new folder in the OPUS program folder.

so i went to

Go to Preferences / Miscellaneous / Advanced and make sure Troubleshooting / no_external_change_notify is set to False (which is the default). and it was set to FALSE

Check that Windows Explorer is able to see changes on the same drive, when you make changes using Directory Opus or something else that isn't Windows Explorer. If not, the drive may not be sending change notifications at all (or may be sending them incorrectly; or may be sending them, but very slowly as in the Samba case below)

well i cant do this as OPUS and EXPLORER are the only 2 file/folder tools i have. if OPUS wont do this then i cant see it in EXPLORER.

Explorer needs to be looking at the folder already, before the change is made, when you do this test, so it can see the change as it happens. (If you make the change and then open or navigate Explorer to the folder, the test is not meaningful; it's like pushing F5 to force the folder to be re-read after making the change, which isn't testing that change notifications work.)

with thanks
philip jh

Please put a bit more effort into editing your posts for clarity and brevity. You could have edited the previous sentence in the same amount of time it took to rant about the capslock key in Windows.

We're a tech support forum, not a chat forum. Your posts tonight have been quite hard to follow, making it hard for us to help by answering them.

If you weren't joking earlier about being drunk, please come back when you're sober! :slight_smile:

I thought the issue was that the right-click > New > Folder option appeared, but nothing happened when you clicked on it?

Using the New Folder button on the main toolbars is an alternative which should always work, even if change notifications are not reaching Opus for some reason.

You have other software which can create files and folders.

e.g. Open Notepad and save a new text file into the folder that File Explorer is currently looking at.

The FAQ I linked has several other things to try as well.