Can't disable "copy to..." when draging and dropping

Selecting a file or folder, holding down the left mouse button, and dragging the mouse creates a dialog to "copy to X" where X is the current folder. I wish to disable this.

I have gone into the "File Types" dialog and deleted all the "Events" entries for "drag-and-drop" for "All folders", "All files and folders", and "Folders" (under System File Types). However, this behavior still persists. Any idea how to make it so dragging and dropping does nothing?

Do you need/want that everywhere, or are you just trying to avoid accidental drag & drop of things into adjacent folders in the same file display?

Preferably everywhere

Deleting the Drag & Drop event From All Files And Folders should be sufficient, and works here (testing with 12.27.2).

(If you've added Drag & Drop events to other file types then they'd also need to be deleted.)

Exceptions are things like drags involving FTP sites (where the events are hardcoded) and drags from Opus to other programs (where it's up to the program receiving the files what it ultimately does with them).

I updated to version 12.27, which solved the issue. Probably should have tried that first.