Can't download installer for previous DOpus builds

I would like to download older versions of DOpus, but any release i try to download on the releases page ends up downloading either stable 12.31 or beta 12.30.3. I've tried with a VPN (multiple locations) and without. Any ideas?

The main site only has the latest version (and sometimes a beta version) of each release (Opus 12, 11, etc.)

I can send an older installer if you tell me which version you need and what you need it for. But if there’s an issue with the current version, it’s better to resolve that than to go back to an old version and be stuck on it forever.

A recent update broke some things (not sure which version it was), so i would like to revert to a previous version. i would like to try a few to find out which was the last version that worked. i don't' have time at the moment to resolve the things that broke, so could you post stable releases between 12.26 - 12.3?

Which things are broken? I might be able to help there, and more quickly than trying multiple different versions (which may not turn out to be where the issue was, too).

Unfortunately this is a bad time for me to delve into the issues. I just need to try a couple versions before the most recent (likely 12.27 or 12.28) to get things working like before. if it doesn't work, i'll need to take some time in the future to look into it. I appreciate your offering to help; at the moment i just need to quickly get back to a previous working build.

If you at least tell us what's broken, it might narrow down when the change was so we know which version to send you.

Several issues have emerged over a few updates. Some of them include long delays when right clicking certain files which are part of custom filetype groups (the right click menu for them has buttons that run scripts in vbs); when starting Opus some folders that were opened in the previous session take about 10 seconds or more to load; trying to drag and drop certain files from Opus onto other programs sometimes freezes Opus for around 10 seconds and eventually fails to do the drop; some scripts are no longer behaving as intended (perhaps due to changes in script objects/events), and a few other miscellaneous issues that I haven't had time to investigate/confirm.

I had an old installer for 12.2 and several of the issues resolved, but that version is too old...some of the scripts I use rely on changes implemented after that version. I also haven't touched my Opus configuration in a couple of years so it's not the result of anything I changed. I should systematically go through each issue but I just don't have the time at the moment. In order to use Opus without constant frustration, it's just easier to revert to an older version for the time being.

Slow right-clicks are almost always caused by shell extensions something else has installed, not Opus or your Opus configuration. Opus-configured scripts in right-click menus won't be run until they're selected in the menu, so the menu opening slowly won't be caused by them.

Recent versions of Opus added support for some new types of Windows 11 and Microsoft Store-delivered context menus, which has revealed some new ones with problems which didn't affect things before. iCloud being the main one (when right-clicking on OneDrive files, for some reason), but that's blocked by default in 12.31.

If you have 12.31 installed, you can block the entire class of shell extension by going to Preferences / Miscellaneous / Advanced [Troubleshooting], double-clicking the ignore_context_menus setting, and adding a line with just * on it to that. That will make current versions of Opus completely ignore that type of shell extension like old versions did.

Better would be to work out which extension is causing the problem and only block that one, when you have time. See here for how to track it down: Crash, exit or high CPU when right-clicking certain files

I'd be surprised if that is version-related. See here for how to troubleshoot that kind of issue: Crash, exit or high CPU when viewing certain directories

I'd also be surprised if that was version related. More likely another tool getting involved, such as antivirus or clipboard monitors (drag & drop and the clipboard use related APIs), if it was working before and the other software also hasn't changed.

Hard to say without more detail but we generally go out of our way to avoid changing how scripting objects/events behave & haven't had any similar reports.

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Not sure what to say. There seems to be a lot of resistance to send a slightly older version of Opus to an old, paying customer who has also contributed to the forums. I appreciate your input, but I have a heavily configured setup for Opus and there are things that are just not working despite nothing else changing (I haven't even installed other programs that would add anything to shell extensions). The resistance is very disappointing and weird.

The reluctance is because it's better to solve problems then to go back to an older version, which often doesn't turn out to help anyway, and even if it does help means you are then stuck on that old version forever (given no one else is seeing the same problem and it seems down to something fairly unique in your setup).

But if you insist, here are the old versions, and we won't try to help you solve the problems properly.

It's too bad you won't help me solve the problems properly in the future - as I mentioned, I would eventually like to when I have more free time. Your inability to respect that is odd. People don't always have the time to fiddle with relatively complex computer tasks. I guess it's such a horrible thing to send a couple of older versions for me to try and help out later when I'll be able to focus on specific fixes. Thanks for providing some older versions!

You can always use the Wayback Machine to find older versions.

I find it very useful to have a couple of older versions at hand.
Quite often I (think I) remember something did work in an older version and can test.
Most of the times it turns out my memory was wrong, but in the other cases, developers are very appreciative that the issue could be pinpointed to a specific version. Checking releasenotes or running a diff on the codeversions makes solving the issue a lot easier for them.

Personally, I add the version number to the name of the downloaded installer (like DOpusInstall_12.30.exe).

I do not have a horse in this race, but I don't understand the reluctance to provide an older version in this specific case.
It is like having a flat tyre on your car in the middle of nowhere and temporary installing an old spare tyre to be able to get home in time.
The original tyre can (and must) be repaired later.
Assuming the spare tyre is indeed functioning, but the only way to find out is to try ...

(why do lousy analogies always seem to involve cars? :wink: )

The reluctance to release an old version is obvious. We always work with the new versions to solve problems in the new versions and not in the old versions. Then a problem already solved in the new versions could come that affects that old version and they would complain about the problem. It is logical that attention is focused on problems with new versions, solving problems in old versions takes time and the support that is needed for all users would be short. Do you argue because the reluctance to provide old versions, I ask, and the reluctance to deliver what is requested? It is to solve your problem but they refuse to give this data. I have been with Dopus for a long time, I have observed the problems that arise and the time that the support people dedicate to them and it is the best on the market, the support is super excellent, better than anywhere with any software, this is My first post after years and years of using dopus and most of the problems are caused by the same users when installing new software or moving some configuration option. I wonder if, for example, Microsoft would give you the windows xp iso because you didn't like windows 10 or because something was wrong, it's logical not, that's not how the software market works. The fact of paying a license does not make you the owner of the time or the way in which a company is managed. I myself have had problems with new versions of dopus, I have never complained, I solve them with logic and seeing what I have done wrong, and I have dopus working 100%. I'm not going to show my dopus screen but I have around 300 buttons with menus, native commands and scripts and they never stop working because I always keep in mind what I'm leaving or what I need to do. Stop complaining and let these people work. I repeat again, paying a license does not give you the right to demand that they do what you want to do.

Is this ^^ in response to my message?

What Leo said doesn't mention the future.

It's just my interpretation, but my interpretation of what he said is At your insistence, we're giving you the old versions instead of helping you solve the problems properly (now).

Again just my interpretation, but I don't interpret it to mean that he will refuse to help you solve the problems properly in the future on whatever version is then current.

It could also mean that he won't help solve any of the problems if they occur if they occur when using the older versions, but I don't think you asked for that.

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