Can't drag from Desktop to Opus running as Admin

Just curious, is this happening only to me? I've installed Win8 Pro and when I have Dopus open to my C Drive, then try to drag a file from my Desktop onto the Dopus window into C: (root) or any folder on C:, Dopus just shows me the "sorry bro, no can do" cursor (crossed-out circle).

I'm using the latest non-beta of Dopus, have set all .exe files in the Dopus folder to run as Admin, and I'm on my Admin acct in Win8 itself. I'm guessing it's a permission issue but not sure where since I've already set everything to run/use as Admin.

You can't drag & drop from a non-admin process (the desktop) to an admin process (Opus if you've set it to run as administrator).

That isn't the only thing that breaks, either. There's more info in the FAQ, Why NOT to run Opus as Administrator under UAC.

Aha! Interesting stuff, learn something new everyday, much appreciated!