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Can't find metadata pane

The Help files say " The easiest way to display the Metadata Pane in a Lister is with the button (button image) on the default toolbar. You can also press F9 . I've reverted to the DOpus default toolbar but that button isn't there, and F9 does not bring up the metadata pane. I'd like to add a button to my toolbar that brings it up. Any help on how to do that would be much appreciated.

It sounds like you're still using old/custom toolbars.

If you want to revert to the current defaults, the quickest way is to right-click the empty area on a toolbar, then choose Toolbars > Factory Reset Toolbars.

(You might want to use Settings > Backup & Restore first, to create a config backup.)

If you just want the button to toggle the metadata panel:

Thanks! The button worked, and after Factory Reset Toolbars the F9 key worked. But there's still two things that seem not quite right: (1) When I go to the default toolbar, I still don't see the Metadata Pane button; and (2) after I restore my backed up configuration, the F9 key doesn't work anymore. I'm guessing that this is related to your comment about still using old/custom toolbars. Is there a way to get my DOpus configuration fully current and still be able to restore my customized toolbar setup?

You'll need to update your old toolbars if you want to use them instead of the default toolbars. Or start from the default toolbars and add the changes you want. No way around doing one or the other.

Thanks for that explanation. Does updating them mean starting from the default toolbar then rebuilding them from scratch, or is there a quicker way?

It depends how much you've modified them really.

You can turn both your custom toolbars and the defaults on at once, then copy/move things between the two. That's often the easiest way to take a bit from both toolbars.

If your custom toolbars use the same names as the default toolbars (meaning you lose them when you do a factory reset), you can go to /buttons in Opus (just type that into the location field and hit return) and find the toolbar files there. Create a copy of the toolbar you want to preserve and you can then reset the default toolbars while still being able to turn on your new copy.