Can't find Settings -> Preferences / Launching Opus / Explorer Replace

In my Dutch version op D-Opus 12, I want to replace Windows with D-Opus 12. This has not been activated when installing, so I looked how to arrange this manually. This is why I bought D-Opus...

At FAQ I learned, I shoud look at:
< Settings -> Preferences / Launching Opus / Explorer Replacement >
But in my < preferences > menu (not under settings, by the way) I don't see a category called 'launching D-Opus' or the like.
It opens with 'Image', then 'manipulating files' etc.

Do I look at the wrong place/ menu?

Explorer Replacement is only in Opus Pro, so if you are using the Light version that would be why the options aren't there.

O boy, that 's clear then. Thank you for anwering in 1 minute :slight_smile:
Could I have known this in advance, i.e. before buying D-Opus?

Yes, it's in the table here:

During the initial 30 day free trial period you can also switch between Pro and Light to see which version makes sense before buying.

If you want to upgrade from Light to Pro, you can do that and would only pay the difference in price:

Very clear.
I remember I certainly read the comparing table you mention. And I decided that almost all extra 'pro' options are way beyond my layman's needs and capabilities ;-). But indeed, I now see that Windows replacement is one of those, i.e. not included in the Light-version. A pity.
But thank you for explaining. Bye!