Can't find, where that status label is coming from

There are three possibilities (as far as i know) where the status labels come from

  • Label Assignments
  • In Specific Folders (or similar name)


  • Being set manually, over the right click Colors menu.

Now i have been searching for a while, but i can't find the setting, that triggers those status labels to be displayed. Is there a fourth spot in the settings, where they could come from?

Aren't they just columns that can be turned on and off?

Set COLUMNSTOGGLE="status(!,a,0)"
Set COLUMNSTOGGLE="label(!,a,0)"

That would also turn off all 'legitimate' labels, that's effectively all labels. :slightly_smiling_face:

It's more, that i still wonder where that format is coming from. :thinking:

Wildcard labels? Couldn't find any in the search box.

Are you saying you have the label column turned on and want it turned off?

Or do you have a file/folder with a particular label assigned to it and want to know where that came from?

No, i need that label column, that's ok. Thing is, i have no idea where those "check" status labels are coming from. There's no label assigment, nothing suspicious in the per folder setting, and looking at the third screenshot, i also don't see the K: path here.


You have three filter labels in the last screenshot, which are assigning that label to things. Maybe it's one of them. Try turning them off to see.

If not, it may have been assigned to the files manually (which is the usual case for status icons like that).

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If i have set them manually, i should be able to use the 'reset' command from my context menu. But it doesn't work. Which means, that some label filter must be active. Very strange..

Probably the ones in your screenshot then. :slight_smile:

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By default there are two menus that add labels to files manually (Set Label and Set Status). Behind the scenes they do the same thing but they're scoped by category. Each one has its own Reset command, so make sure you're using to right one when trying to clear them.

I have found the reason. It was a too unspecific 720 hours filter, that was supposed to be used for my film folder, and was also applied where i wouldn't have it expected. Thanks! :beers: :smile: :+1: