Can't get "re-upload modified files" to work


maybe I messed up my settings, but I am out of ideas and need some suggestions. I am using Directory Opus 12.19 to edit some content (.php files) on a sftp site. Double-Clicking a PHP File opens Notepad++, the file is stored in Windows User Profile %temp% dir. I set the Directory Opus Settings to Monitor indefinitely, but also tried every other setting. But still, when changing the file, there is no upload process. Like, at all. It does not try to upload the file. I double checked the timestamp of the PHP file in the %temp% directory, and it is updated. But the file on the SFTP Site is still not updated. Any ideas whats going wrong here?

If you turn on "Ask before uploading", do you get prompted in Opus about the file change a few seconds after saving an edit to the file?

I've just done a quick test and everything seems to be working normally.

If I turn on this option, I still do not get a prompt, Opus does not attempt to upload.

But I just figured out that it works if I edit a .txt file instead of a .php file. After further tests, it turned out that the file I am editing must have it's extension registered with Notepad++... which was not the case.

Simply explained: Double clicking a .php file with WINDOWS Explorer turned up the Windows "open with" prompt, as I have intentionally not registered .php files with Notepad++ or any other editor. This causes DirectoryOpus to not upload the file. If I register Notepad++ as default application for php files within Windows, the upload process works just fine.

Is this a bug or intentional behaviour? Do I need to register every SFTP File extension within Windows (e.g. .htaccess, .htpasswd, .css, .html and so on) so I can use the auto-upload feature of Opus?

I think you do, at least at the moment.

If you're relying on Preferences / File Operations / Double-click on Files / Open unregistered file types in text viewer if they appear to be plain text to open the files, it adds a level of indirection to how the text editor is launched, and doesn't trigger the upload monitoring.

(This could definitely work better, but I haven't had a look in detail.)

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Thanks, so I am going to proceed to register the file extensions manually for now.

Outside of SFTP sites, I rely on rightclick -> choose my prefered text editor within the windows context menu. Unfortunately, this is not an option within SFTP Folders.

The next update will improve how this works.

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Thanks a lot, as this is still an issue I am eager to wait for the next update. :wink: