Can't make F5 trigger folder refresh

Since I've upgraded to DO 12 on my Windows 10 (Pro x64) the F5 key has stopped triggering folder refresh... It has affected both machines I'm using, though it can be caused by DO configuration which I share on both of them.

I've already double checked both options most frequently mentioned in that context, meaning:

  • Preferences / Miscellaneous / Advanced => no_external_change_notify is set to False,
  • Preferences / File Operations / Options: Detect external file changes on network drives is Checked.
    Yet, still my F5 seems to be dead... :frowning:

Is there anything I can do more to investigate that?

Customize - Keys - filter F5 - and check it - should be only one F5 assigned to function. Just disable second one which is not for refresh.

Wow! Surprisingly enough, F5 was NOT defined there at all...
I've added it and assigned the refresh function and it now works like a charm! Thank you so much for suggesting this one!

In fact this is strange as it's the second (or third to be precise) function that seems to have disappeared from my DO shortcuts, the previous one was ALT+arrow (left and right) that I used to use for folder navigation. One day both those shortcuts just stopped working and soon after I realized they were not defined anymore. Leo, can you advise on the possible reason for DO "forgetting" its keyboard shortcuts?

Are you using the default toolbars or custom ones?

I use default ones (well, with a custom icon set only) and in fact I've recently reseted them to defaults.

In the default toolbars, the F5 hotkey comes from the File Display toolbar, from the Refresh command inside the menu attached to the Up/Parent button.