Can't open folder in dual

I used to be able to open a folder in dual by ctrl clicking on a folder (either in file display or in the breadcrumb field). With the new beta, this is no longer possible.
I can however, open a new lister by shift double clicking on a folder, but this command doesn't work in the breadcrumb field. I navigate a lot with the breadcrumbs, so this is bugging me a bit :frowning:

I tried looking for a place to customize the mouse actions in Dopus, but it seems I can only customize hotkeys. Any idea on how to fix this? thanks :smiley:

you can customize the mouse events via Settings -> File Types:

I still can't use the events when using the breadcrumbs. For example if I try shift+double click on a folder in the breadcrumb field, nothing happens.
Also, I can't seem to choose ctrl + single click as a mouse combo?

The breadcrumbs field doesn't use those events (it doesn't involve double-clicking at all), but in the fields menus you can ctrl-click folders to open them in the other file display and shift-click them to open in a new window, for example.

You can't ctrl/shift-click on the field's main buttons themselves, which is probably an oversight. Should be easy enough to fix; I've opened a request for that.