Can't open folders or shortcuts

dopus cant open folders or shortcuts to folders on windows 10 laptop, but on windows 7 desktop it works ok

Have you tried the same shortcuts in other programs (e.g. File Explorer) on the Windows 10 machine?

What happens when you double-click them? Is there an error message?

Is there anything unusual about the shortcuts?

In case the registry settings are damaged, please go to Preferences / Launching Opus / Explorer Replacement and disable Explorer replacement, then click Apply and wait 10 seconds, then enable it again and do the same.

When I switch it back to explorer then explorer works, but the when i reenable it I get no response tor shortcuts or directories I double click on, at least not on my windows 10 laptop

Are you running the whole Opus process with UAC elevation?

Does it say ADMINISTRATOR in the window titlebar?

The UAC stuff was the problem - now it works fine.

Thank you