Can't Open Zipped Folders

Been having this problem for a couple years now....I can create zipped folders just fine and I can open zipped folders just fine.

But when I zip one up and send it to someone else they cannot get the zipped folder to unzip.

I know this happens when the other person is on a Mac, and I've had people with PC's encounter the same problem. Am I the only one? Hopefully not! Any thoughts on how to remedy this?

Which version of Opus?

Have you tried the zip settings to maximise compatibility with very old zip tools?

Please link your account.

You were right (again), thank you. I un-checked the box in Zip Files settings area for super-duper deluxe compression, tested it on a friend of mine with known, antiquated, software tools (prior problems with this issue) and she was able to open it. TYVM!