Can't see all virtual folders

I used Directory Opus 8 successfully on XP Pro. I have now upgraded to Vista Ultimate and DO (evaluation version) and have come across a problem

I cannot display all virtual folders in the folder tree, as I could in XP Pro and DO 8. I can display Desktop, Computer, Network, Recycle Bin. I cannot display Control Panel, or any of its sub categories, or Printers.

Preferences/Folders/Options - Hide protected operating system files is unchecked
Preferences/Folders/Virtual Foldes - Treat all virtual folders as real is checked
Preferences/Launching Opus/Explorer Replacement - Replace Exlorer for all folders is checked
Preferences/Listers/Folder Tree/Show in Folder Tree - Virtual (non-file system) folders and Hidden folders are both checked

I don't know of a way to put them in the tree but you can make buttons, menu items or hotkeys which run

Go /controls and Go /printers

to go to the two folders in Opus. Or you can just type /controls or /printers into the location field in Opus.

Thanks leo - that worked fine. Support told me that because Vista had made changes to the control panel Opus had decided to omit control panel from the virtual folders that can be seen in the latest version.