Can't see Cookies in TIF Folder Aug 2015

Can't see Cookies in TIF Folder Aug 2015

Searched for answer in pdf Help = no mention of cookies (Acrobat XI Pro Search/Find function)

Searched for answer on forum, applied suggestions, still no success :

Experimenting w/ CCleaner to leave preferred sites' login cookies.

Set dOpus > Preferences > Folder > Virtual Folders > "Treat all virtual folders as real"

Now go to "C:\Users\d\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files" --
even in Flat View = NO cookie .txt files!

Now go to Windows Explorer, same directory = Type=text document
and more desired cookies which CCleaner left as I wanted!!

Kindly help me to configure dOpus to truly show these, Thank You.

The view that Explorer shows of the IE cache folder is completely unrelated to the real files on disk.

You want to turn off "Treat all virtual folders as real", and ensure the IE cache folder is being treated as virtual, if you want the same view of it that Explorer shows.

Or look in C:\Users\d\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\INetCookies, perhaps. You won't see names like "" there though, since that is not how they are stored on disk. Only the virtual folder will show you that kind of thing.

Thanks for the quick reply Leo - ok, turned off that setting, but I do not have a \INetCookies folder --
there are: "AppCache", "Caches", & "WebCache" folders.

What now? thx

It's a system/hidden folder so you may have it filtered out.

If it's not there when showing System Files (use the Folder menu to see the option in the default toolbars) then I don't know. I don't use Internet Explorer or know the details of how it stores cookies; that's just what I found when having a look earlier.

Thanks again for the learning opportunity --
for others interested, there's a nice explanation of Windows 7/8 Cookies locations here:

It seems Win 8 has an "INetCache" folder as a renamed Temporary Internet Files folder from Win 7,
and there are slightly different locations for the cookies in each version of the OS.

Now I'm happy to be able to set a toolbar bookmark for it, to fine-tune my mgmt.

Man, I actually look forward as much each morning to cranking up dOpus -
as I would paddling out in 6'-8' & glassy,
or walking a crisp wind-less day at my favorite links -- continuous THX for this fine bit-o-kit :thumbsup: