Can't update to 12.14, download just spins and does not complete

When I select Check for updates it shows my ver is 12.10 and 12.14 is available.
When I click the Download button the process starts but it just spins forever and never completes.
My browsers and internet connections are all working fine, Win10 pro.

You can download the same update from our website:

If the update checker finds updates but can't download them, the most likely cause is antivirus/firewall blocking the installer download when dopus.exe tries to do it.

I don't have an anti-virus, the Windows firewalls are on, I will look at that, thanks

OK! In Private Network Active I turned off Windows Defender Firewall and then it instantly updated. I have many other apps which update without the need to do this,
Is Dopus doing things more properly than the others?

Windows Defender is just garbage. All we do is download the executable.

The fact it blocks and breaks the operation without telling you, making you wonder why it isn't working, is itself an indication it is a poorly designed antivirus product.

If antivirus breaks things, you should complain to the antivirus vendor, not to us.

Not complaining to you at all, just didn't know where to turn for this particular issue, agree that it should at least notify you. I assume that you can't tell from your side that it is being blocked ?

I only use WinDef on one machine but it hasn't blocked it there so I'm not sure if the way it blocks things is something we could detect or not.