Can't use a "/" in Artists META data field

I've been sorting out my music collection and entering some information via the "Set Metadata" dialogue box. Specifically, I've been trying to set the name AC/DC in the Artists: field. While the dialogue box will accept the name AC/DC , it won't write the information to disc; it is changed to AC; DC.

Although this isn't a major problem, is there away to get the correct name entered by maybe delimiting the "/" which seems to be the issue? If forward slashes can't/shouldn't be used should a message box come up and say so?

Correction, the "/" does get written to disc, it's the hover over dialogue box that doesn't display the "/" and seems to assume it's a separator.

This is a flaw in the ID3 tag specification:

[Forward slashes in artist name tag show as semi-colon)

One thing I didn't think of at the time was using another Unicode character which looks the same as / although that could cause problems if the tags are to be read on devices with limited font or Unicode support.

Oh ok. Not to worry. Now I've realised that it does in fact get written to disc correctly I'm not concerned that it doesn't show up correctly in a hover over. And to be honest, I don't know why I didn't use the MP3Tag program to change it anyway instead of using DO.

MP3Tag is actually breaking the spec by showing the tag that way, but there's an argument that the spec is terrible and deserves to be broken. :slight_smile:

Both programs will write the same data into the tag; the only difference is in how the data is then displayed.

There I have to bow to your superior knowledge on the subject. :smiley: These are the default settings that MP3Tag uses. I have no idea what is what, other than it works just fine!

The relevant details are in the thread I linked.

Sorry, I forgot to read the thread! I particularly like your comment "(There's probably some band out there with a space at the start or end of their name, just to mess with tagging software and OCD people. :slight_smile:)"

It should be a lightning bolt anyway!

I realise that Jon, a forward slash was the best I could do under the circumstances!

What about U+26A1? :slight_smile:

Like this you mean :smiley:

God knows how other music programs will handle it!

Well, it seems the hover over handles a lightning flash better than a forward slash!!

Righteous. :smiley:

That is the most perfect and apropos character substitution I've ever seen! Outstanding!

In answer to my question earlier about how it would look in other apps; bloody good would be the answer!