Capacity or limit of Compare and Synchronise file size and folder?

G'day Folks,

When performing the Compare and Synchronize function, is there a limit to the file size and folder Capacity limit ?

As it stands I have a folder with 26.7Gb 4472 files in 1050 folders and a folder with 457Gb 101665 files in 13531 folder for which I use the Compare and Synchronize function.

  • It's when I Compare and Synchronize the larger 457Gb folder that I perform the task twice and find that it loads another 500 odd files to upload to the destination. Hence I ask if there is a limit ?

No hurry for an answer, however ASAP please :slight_smile:

pcbugfixer / now at Tanilba Bay NSW 2319 Australia

There's no limit that we know of, but if you're comparing entire drives and 100,000 files then it's probably not the best tool, just in terms of comparison speed.

I'd try something like Beyond Compare, which is a dedicated comparison tool and can be launched on the left & right folders from a button in Opus.

(That's assuming you want to see and edit an interactive, visual list of what's going to happen before applying the changes. If you just want to copy newer files to a backup drive, the copy or update all functions in Opus will work well for that.)

Having said all that, it should still work correctly, even if dedicated tools are more suited to huge interactive syncs. If you can work out anything special about what's being missed we'd definitely like to reproduce that and fix whatever is going wrong. Maybe it involves filters or hidden folders, as a guess?