Capture first Return of FAYT Find Mode and close its bar

FR: Capture the first Return of FAYT Find Mode and close its bar as to avoid opening the highlighted item on first press.

Because I'm mostly using the FAYT Filter Mode / Filter Bar, I'm used to pressing Return to close the bar / move focus to the File Display (respectively) and to follow up by a FAYT Find Mode search to highlight words within the filtered items. My keystrokes are this <filter_mode_term>{return}.<find_mode_term> (sometimes *<filter_bar_term> instead of <filter_mode_term>) with Filter Mode set as the default mode.

The problem is that I have to remember not to press Return after the <find_mode_term> search (unlike the other two) or I'll potentially open a folder (which then navigates away and I lose my filter -- there is an option for the filter to persist I think, but I don't want that to be the default behaviour).

An "Allow return key to open selected item" option also for Find Mode (Filter Bar has this already, and Filter Mode doesn't need this in my case) would be a toggle between it automatically closing after 5.0 seconds (current behaviour), or capturing the first Return to close its bar (pressing Return a second time would then open the already selected item).

With this proposed new option disabled, the Find Mode, Filter Mode, and Filter Bar would all have the same UX and wouldn't be susceptible to triggering the wrong muscle memory due to them being quite similar tasks and thus easy to confuse.