Cascading folders in location bar?

Hi guys, long time no see :slight_smile:

Well, since my suggestion of mouse wheel scrolling size was implemented FLAWLESSLY, I have a new one.

We have this wonderful location bar and you can browse the root of whatever folder/drive you are in (the arrows), but what if when you hover (0.5sec or so) on a folder, the folder would expand to see sub-folders? How cool would THAT be... you could navigate 3-4 folders deep in 1 second, with zero mouse clicks. Now, I already know this mimics some standalone software function and I have NO idea of copyright, but it would be killer.

Just an idea!


I would suggest a "viewer button" field for the details view that would act similarly to hitting the viewer pane button ... a popup "quick view" window.

Folders would display files or folders contained in the folder (the contents) . Files would perhaps open a "quick view" of the file, perhaps along the rules of the viewer button.

Perhaps the cascading of folders might be done thru this

It would probably need appear at the front , maybe even in place of the icon, to be able to press but not highlight the line :slight_smile:


Is your idea related to the location bar?

It is in that it offers a way to do this without delving too much into into the operation of the location bar that might be a problem.

I thought an alternative would be better here than in a totally new subject.

DOpus already makes possible within the toolbars almost what you want, even if not quite so visual.
Go {SourcePath} FolderContent=DblClickMenu,ShowEmpty,ShowHidden
displays a cascading folder beginning at the source directory.
Go D:\ FolderContent=DblClickMenu,ShowEmpty,ShowHidden
displays a cascading folder beginning at the root of D: Drive.
Go FolderContent=DblClickMenu,ShowEmpty,ShowHidden
displays a cascading folder beginning at the first selected directory.

The command Go {SourcePath|} FolderContent should begin the cascade at the root of the source directory, but it only seems to begin at the source directory. Blame my misreading of the manual.

I have this I think on my right-click context menu that I label CONTENT, but that can really be a pain at times . I didn't realize it did cascading too or perhaps I thought it was too much of a pain to implement at the time

@ jabbermacynew +++

On Searching today to make a new thread about this very functionality,
this may be indentical to my desire --

ACTIVATE cascading menu upon mouse hover -- NOT activate a TOOLTIP !

... w/ an ability to set Activation delay time in ms -- even multiple levels down to activate desired folder (open in tab/NEWTAB)

My True Launch Bar application is coded to do this, & I can hack around some shortcuts on it
that will open back in dOpus, but I'd surely appreciate the ability to perform this from within dOpus itself --

"no Out-sourcing" :wink:

Goal = always the least number of Clicks/press Return/etc to get to the desired target
(plus = a Healthy Understanding, and Appreciation of, Fitts's Law )

... but perhaps Jon already answered why that's not quite possible HERE

[quote]That's just how menus work in Windows. It's not something that is scriptable.
Opus isn't like a web-browser where you can control low level UI activity - even though there's an OnClick function,
it specifically refers to running a button or menu function,
and there are no equivalent UI functions like onHover, onMouseMove, etc.[/quote]

Yes -- we DO want it to have that kind of behaviour that the browser has.

However (excuse my coding ignorance), how does an app such as True Launch Bar do it?

and didn't an older tweak utility like PowerPro do it?

... looking forward to upgrading my understanding, Thank You

Glad this topic is getting some traction :slight_smile:

"ACTIVATE cascading menu upon mouse hover -- NOT activate a TOOLTIP !"

This one sure didn't, but it's related:

BUMP for mouse-over cascading menu navigation :slight_smile:

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^^ done and BUMP :wink: