CBR/CBX in preview panel

When I click on a CBR or CBZ file, there is no preview on the preview panel screen, only the icon of Comicrack Reader.
I'm pretty sure it worked this summer.
I've no problem with thumbnails, I just have no preview.
Any ideas to solve this ?

thanks in advance.

Win 10, dopus 12.7.

Maybe you had a CBZ preview handler installed which worked like that and needs repairing?

In terms of what is built-in to Opus, you would have to double-click the CBZ file to enter it like an archive, and then you can view the files within it using thumbnails and the viewer pane as you would any other archive of images.

Any ideas how to find which "cbz preview handler" is on my computer ? or there any option for Dopus to override this preveiw handler ?

You can get a list of installed preview handlers by going to Preferences / Viewer / Plugins, selecting ActiveX + Preview + Office + Web and clicking Configure.

From there you can also override the file extensions assigned to each one.

But that's only if the preview handler is still installed and registered.

Hello @oevesque .
Did you ever solved this issue? It happend the same for me and never be able to get again CBX on the preview (I get it in DOPUS viewer, I get it in my Sumatra viewer, I have the thumbnails correctly... but no preview panel)
Hope some one get solution for this "basic" point.
Mainly because (as @oevesque) I am sure this was working time ago, and don't know when it stop working.

I don't have this issue anymore, and I don't know how I fixed it :frowning:
But I know that I still have an issue if the file extension is not the good one (for exemple CBZ but inside is RAR compress, that's why I fork this extension )

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DOPUS is working fine with CBZ/CBR and PDF files.
It open Sumatra viewer when I click on any document with these extensions.
It generate thumbnails to show the files in the lister.
DOPUS viewer works fine CBZ also
But the problem is when I want to preview CBZ on the preview panel. It remain GRAY

PDF viewing in the preview is fine
I check the ActiveX config and see SumatraPDF was configured for PDF
then I decided to configure it also for CBZ... but the problem persist.

¿Any suggestion? ¿How can I add viewer into ACTIVEX previewer?¿Where do I find them?

Are you sure the Sumatra preview handler (NOT the standalone Sumatra application) supports CBZ files?

As far as I can tell, it doesn't. It only registers itself for the .PDF extension, and if I force it to handle .CBZ I just get a grey background in both the preview pane and the standalone viewer.

When you say it's working in the Opus viewer, are you certain it's the Opus viewer and not the Sumatra application? Because I get the same results in both the viewer and the preview pane. It only works in the Sumatra app itself:

Beyond that, it's probably something you need to ask the Sumatra developers about. We can ask their viewer to try to display any file within one of our windows, but what it ultimately does is up to it.

If I edit the registry to make File Explorer try Sumatra for .CBZ files, the same grey window is the result:

So I think you're talking to the wrong people about this problem. :slight_smile: You need to talk to the Sumatra developers.

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Thank you for the fast answer @Leo
Really I have open another ticket in SumatraPDF because I wasn't sure about it.
As you say, I am talking about the standalone SumatraPDF
but I am not very clear about what is what :roll_eyes:

supposing SumatraPDF preview handler doesn't support CBZ
What other option can I use to solve my problem?
Thanks again

There might be a CBZ preview handler out there but I don't know. It's not something I've ever looked for.

With Opus, you can double-click CBZ files to open them like archives, then view the images inside them like you would any other archive of images.

Really the DOPUS viewer is working fine with CBZ but I don't know if this is SumatraPDF related or if it is another option.

I thought that the DOPUS viewer and the Preview panel were the "same" engine to view..
I am missing something.

That is displaying a JPEG image (maybe from inside the CBZ file), not the CBZ file itself.

Sure it show an image. This is what I want to see on my preview panel .. the first image in a CBZ.
Really the same thing that I see on the dopus viewer.
Is there any possibility to see the same thing in the Preview panel than in the Dopus VIEWER?
What are the differences bettween both of them?

I don't have CBx file in front of SumatraPDF.
Have you tried uninstalled it just to see the result ?

And in the windows file explorer I don't have any preview.
The preview works only in DOPUS.
That's all I can say.

The Opus viewer isn't showing you that for the CBZ file, though, is it? You must have gone inside the CBZ file and double-clicked / selected the image inside it.

A plugin which shows the first image in a CBZ when a CBZ is selected could be written, but I don't know if anyone has made such a thing.

If you find something that generates that image as the thumbnail for CBZ files in File Explorer, you would get the same thing in the Opus viewer pane when a CBZ file was selected, as long as none of the viewer plugins were trying to handle it instead (i.e. remove the extension from the Sumatra preview handler so it doesn't try to display the file anymore).

(But that'd still only give you the first image, of course, not the ability to move through all the different pages like you can with the Sumatra application.)

It isn't there by default. It's only there if you add it yourself. (But since it doesn't work, there's no reason to add it.)

Correct. I just added both extensions trying to do SumatraPDF accept them. But In understand this is a wrong option. Then I delete both cbz, and epub from sumatra option.
And look for other solutions.

I think I have installed something that allow the behaviour I am looking for.
But it only works on the DOPUS viewer and not on the PREVIEW panel.
I have these scripts loaded:

and these plugins


Probably CBX_Handler.

yes CBX_Handler us the script allowing the display in DOPUS viewer.
But why is not appearing alson in the PREVIEW Panel?
Are there different handle?
May be @steje can help on this point as it is CBX_Handler origin.
Here is the behaviour: :arrow_right: Clic in the video to see what happen