CBR/CBX in preview panel

Presumably CBX_Handler changes what happens when you double-click a CBZ file, so that it goes inside the file, finds the first image, and acts as if that was double-clicked instead.

If so, it won't have any affect on the preview pane at all.

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OK. This is the point @Leo. I understand now there is a different behaviour because one is started with the double click, and the other is just clicking on it.
And from your comment I understand the Preview pane can not have the same behaviour than the DOPUS viewer.
For me it is difficult to understand how there are three different view of the file.

Then if I can not have the same behaviour on both pane (PREVIEW and VIEWER)
may be is there an easy way to substitute the ICON by the thumbnail as in the lister?
Thanks for all these clarifications. :+1:

There aren't three different views of the file. The script you've installed is diverting the double-click of the file to open something different (a file inside the file). As far as the viewer is concerned, you aren't asking it to open the CBZ, you are (via the script) asking it to open the image inside the CBZ.

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I think I have used CbxShell Manager A very small program which had work for .epub too .

Because on the preview panel, in fact, I don't have a real Jpg, it's a very good quality "Icon Shell".
I believe they were generated by CbxShell manager. (I still have this program on my computer)

But for Epub, I have noted that I had to edit the window registry
Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
and reboot.

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Good option. but doesn't solve my objective of getting an CBZ image in the PREVIEW PANE.
And for the thumbnail in the list, DOPUS is doing a good job with CBX_Handler

Thank @qiuqiu for your info.
My problem I am not a programmer and going to GitHub to download not executable stuff is very complex for me.
Anyway I understand this script does same thing than CbxShell Manager or CBX_Handler (except it accept also EPUB which should be intersecting in some situations).
Thanks anyway

I think it'll give you exactly what you're looking for, since the preview pane will display shell thumbnails if no other viewer can handle the file.