CBX Handler Problem?

I dont have install any CBX Handler but i have problems to move cbr files?
I have looked in Preferences Viewer and i dont found CBX Handler.

The Script Protocoll list

16.01.2022 21:24 CBX_Handler:  Fehler in Zeile 230, Position 7
 16.01.2022 21:24 CBX_Handler:  Fehler 0x80004005
 16.01.2022 21:24 CBX_Handler:  Fehler in Zeile 230, Position 7
 16.01.2022 21:24 CBX_Handler:  Fehler 0x80004005
 16.01.2022 21:26 CBX_Handler:  Fehler in Zeile 230, Position 7
 16.01.2022 21:26 CBX_Handler:  Fehler 0x80004005
 16.01.2022 21:27 CBX_Handler:  Fehler in Zeile 230, Position 7
 16.01.2022 21:27 CBX_Handler:  Fehler 0x80004005


CBX_Handler is from this post: CBX_Handler: Comic Book Reader

You must have installed it in the past, as it doesn't come with Opus.

Yes i do it.
Because it was only a script.
I have removed the script after i get the problems.

I think i will conver all cbr into PDF files there will be not so complicated.

Which component i must remove to delete the CBX Handler from Diretory Opus?

The same one you installed, from the CBX_Handler thread.

Thats only one the osp Script.
After to remove these script the error message from above wil be comes again.
It is needed tie deinstall Direcory Opus an a new install.
When i make a Backup of DO it comes again?

Go to /scripts in Opus (or open Preferences / Toolbars / Scripts). Are there any scripts there?

If there are now no scripts there then it is not possible for errors from a script to still be appearing, and you may just be looking at errors logged in the past.

If there are still scripts there, the error is coming from one of them, and the error message tells you the name of the script.

In Preferences/Toolbars/Scripts is only the script for EXIF Tool

/Scritps is emtpy
/Script AddIns bots js file from EXifTool which perfect work

Then there isn't a CBX_Handler script installed anymore and you can't still be getting errors from it.

Clear the error log and see if any new errors appear, and which script they are coming from if they do.

Now i have deinstalled CBX Handler and use the Thumbnails of CBR only from Directory Opus.
I have installed the Viewer CDisplayEX to view and make a Button to View the selected Comic File.

There is anything that i cant know.
DO makes Thumbnails of CBR files very well but there are some Files that dont make a Thumbnail and the icon will display as looks like a Zip File.

When i dobble click on these file then DO get an error that says it is a corrupted Archive File and cant open?

When i select these file and click the Button to open in CDisplayEX then the Comic file will open and display the comic.

Also the file is not corrupted.

CBR file are jpg compressed in a rar format
CBZ file are jpg compressed in a zip format
CB7 file are jpg compressed in a 7zip format

lot of files downloaded doesn't have the correct extension.
and with the bad extension, DO does not work well with the file

I've been concerned with this problem. That why I've made a fork of a previous DO script.
You can find it there : Comic Book CBx-To-CBx Convert & Resize v1.50 - #9 by oevesque
Just use the last checkbox.

If you don't want to install my program, try to rename your cbr file in cbz, and press F5 to refresh.

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Sorry, it's Ctrl+F5 to refresh thumbnail

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To rename the extensions will be work fine.