Cbz / cbr preview

Does anyone happen to have a good setup to preview comics in the preview pane?

Currently when I double-click a cbz or cbr file, Opus shows the image files it contains (cbz and cbr are renamed zip and rar files). Clicking the first image, the default viewer (currently JPEGView) opens the file but does not correctly browse the files since they are not in a directory that it can understand. So a preview handler would be better.

You can use the Opus viewer instead of the 3rd party one and it will work.

Thank you for the tip, Leo.
I'd love to use the Opus viewer but moved to JPEGView for reasons discussed in Standalone Viewer Keyboard Shortcuts and Context Menu (the end of the convo was moved to JPEGView): as a keyboard shortcut addict, I need custom shortcuts in the viewer, and at this time this feature is not in the Opus viewer.

So I'm thinking a preview handler, if one exists, could be a nice solution.