Certificate or licensing question

I've been a long time user of PowerDesk but have been running into an issue that has been driving me nuts to the point where I've been looking for a replacement. My question is by the very nature of my job [teacher/department director], I get to change hardware/OS's like some people change their socks.
Is the certificate tied to hardware? Will I run into problems when I have to reformat my machine, drop some new hardware, and install different OS's? For example, next week I will be installing 2003 or 2008 for my next class but this week, its Vista and I'm sure that the newest hardware will some how find its way into my box!

No there's no link to your hardware, as long as you do not have more simultaneous installations than you have licences for you'll be fine!

A long time user of PowerDesk .. oh my friend i thought i would never ever hear that name :slight_smile:

I loved PowerDesk too .. until i heard DOpus (the one i loved during the Amiga era) was on PC. I think you'll quickly forget the good old PowerDesk :slight_smile: