Change 8.1 unicode to ansi


I recently updated opus to 8.1 onicode. however, the program does seem slower. can i just install the ansi version over it, or do i have to uninstall & reinstall?

appreciate any help. :slight_smile:

Yes sure. I'm surprised there is such a difference.

Frankly we don't know which is faster, if either:) We thought that the ANSI version 'should' be because of less overhead in the program itself, but there's been discussion amongst the beta testers that the Unicode version should be faster on XP/2000 etc since these are native Unicode systems anyway.

But you can swap between the versions as you want.

Just download the version you want from our web site and re-install over the top of your current version.


hmm... it could be psychosomatic.

i think i'll probably test it for a week or two longer & see if it is def the case. accessing some of my folders has taken a long time on a few occasions which was not as i remembered it. as i read that the unicode version was the slower one, i assumed this was the reason.

thanks for the info though. much appreciated :slight_smile: