Change Application Toolbar Icon Sizes

Hi Directory Opus Forum,

is it possibile to change the size of the icons on a custom applications toolbar? (all new button .exe links)?

Thanks for your help.

It is. The exact answer depends a little on how much you want to change them. Standard "large" and "small" sizes (defined by Windows relative to your system DPI) are easy to achieve. Non-standard sizes are possible, but take extra effort.

Hi Leo,

thanks for your reply.
Yes, I would like to use non-standard sizes.
How can I do that?


Turn off Preferences / Toolbars / Appearance / Scale Toolbar button images when larger than standard size and then provide the images in the size you want, in PNG format.

If there are a lot of them, turning them into an Icon Set can improve startup performance as it avoids having to load all the images separately. (When using icon resources, this also avoids antivirus scanning all the exe/dll files if loading icons out of them.)

got it.
But I would like to use the default icons for each program.
Is there a way to make DO automatically scale those to a specified size?


If you want something other than the standard Windows icon sizes, you'll need to extract the images to PNG files to use them on toobars. A tool like Icon Workshop can do it. (Probably others, too, but that's the one I tend to use for icon stuff.)

I see.
Lets say I carefully extract all the icons in .png format and click on every button edit and import the correct image (that's the way to go if I got it correctly). How do I change the size once I imported my .png images?


It'll use whatever size the PNG images are. You can resize them using Opus's image conversion tool, or any other graphics software.

Here are individual 32x32 png files of the internal icons (211.5 KB)
and here is a link to a button in the Icons forum that can convert the png files to an iconset of any size (just follow instructions) Iconset Maker v2 - Icons - Directory Opus Resource Centre (

My assumption is we’re talking about icons for other programs, not the Opus icons. There are easier ways to make the internal toolbar icons different sizes and it doesn’t require the PNGs, just some XML.

Yes, correct.
I was talking about the icons for other programs, not the internal Opus icons.
I thought there was some way to specify the sizes using configuration files, otherwise it is tricky to do if u have, for example, lots of icons, or need to add icons, or need to resize all the icons at once.