Change background image bug

I use directory opus 10.2 and in this version bugged changing the backgroung image.
If you change images for music folders ( example - to Rammstein you put ''Rammstein-related'' image)
And after this (20+ images for music folders) you want to change the background for files window.
After changing - in present tabs image has been changed,but if you open new tab - showing the previous picture at background.
What i doing wrong?Or this bug exists to all versions?
I cannot change the background,new tabs affected by previous image;
After this i deleted images and selected new image...changes 0...background image dont changing ( white background)..
Only one way to change backkground - to change ID of image in images config file ( in opus folder)

Please help me to fix this bug.

After making changes to folder formats, make sure you close the existing window and open a new one, then go back to the folder you are interested in, to check the results. Otherwise, temporary formats can come into play and confuse things. (They're discussed in the Folder Formats: Detailed Guide but the main thing is to just use a new window to check the results.)

If you still don't see the background you expect, hover over the format lock icon on the status bar (do not click it; just hover over it) to see a tooltip which will tell you where the current folder format comes from, which should tell you what you need to edit/disable/override to get what you want.

Hmm...dont working.Background image don't saving...just previous image i get for background.

When i hover the lock icon - in tooltip i see info '' Current format of the folder comes from unknown...'' ( in new window)
In old window where i have 10 tabs - i see in tooltip '' Current format of this folder comes from #(current number of tab)''

how to change correctly?What i must to do?

Interesting...Panels change background without any buggs.
But Background of the lister ( where file manager ) dont changing..its set to default every time..
I opened new window and set ''Ignore lister format'' and all new tabs show old background and in tooltip ''Format taken from default''

Help please.

Sorry for my bad language..
Panel = toolbars ( for upper post)

Finally i found how to apply image backgrounds..
Its working only when i select Folder options -> options -> select image -> save for this folder+layouts+tabs and apply. ( in this case other images for Music folders will remains.)

But lister configs/and Preferences => display => images DONT WORKING...selecting images from this menu is bugged.

I think you've misunderstood how it is supposed to work, rather than there being a bug.

The file display settings under Preferences / Display / Images are just the defaults. They can be overridden by folder formats.

The FAQ Understand and Configure Background Images has some more information

I think this setup is not logical.
When i want to change background - i enter in prefs-display-images.There must be configs.( in my opinion)
But in this situation - only in folder options.

I have an idea = to do 2-way config.
To be able to config background in the display options and in folder options.( this is will be nice)

I use opus only 2 month..bad know how to config ( in russian doesnt exist faq)

Leo thanks for help.i apreciate this.
Opus is the best)

That should be the only place you need to change things by default. If the folder formats have been customized to use different images then that will no longer be the case, but they are not like that by default.

Good idea.
But must to be in FAQs more info how to do this.

10.2 is quite old, btw.