Change Certificate Issued Date (OCD Request!)

Hi Leo, hope you are doing well.

This will sound like an odd request, but hopefully could be achieved :slight_smile:. A minute ago I upgraded my license to 2 licenses, plus added Advanced FTP and 1 USB Export license in order to support you guys by buying the full package and resting assure than me (and my OCD) would have "everything" of DOpus, plus it would have the issue date on an "OCD number" (15-Feb) :stuck_out_tongue: and that would also make me feel nice.

After buying, I noticed that the issue date was 16-Feb, then I remembered you were from Australia, so I proceeded to Google "time in Australia", to find out that it was 14 hours ahead of me, hence being 16-Feb.

When I first bought the app, I went on to my account to update the mail address (which was incorrectly reported from PayPal) and I noticed that the issue date changed to reflect that update. Then I had to update my address (I think), but the issued date never moved again, hence why I don't know if it will work here.

So... my (odd) request is, would be possible for you to change my issue date to 01-01-2013? That would make me feel really great and wouldn't conflict with the license periods and such (it wouldn't give me more time on the updates, on the contrary, I'd have a month less, but I don't care, since I'll keep buying your app forever!)

Thanks, sorry if this sounds too odd and if it's possible then I'll have to bother every time I buy a new license :sunglasses:


Oh, and I forgot, as a token of gratitude, here's a bug report. :slight_smile:

In "My Account", if you add a big number of USB licenses, a red error appears saying that 10 is the max. If you add a HUGE number (like 999999999999999999999), then it goes into a blank .asp; probably an out of range or something.

Unfortunately the system doesn't allow certificates to be back-dated, I'm sorry.

Oh, how unfortunate. So, when I correct my home address (I'm planning to move soon), will it update the date to that moment, as how it did it back then when I updated my email address?


The certificate is regenerated whenever the email address is changed, but not for any other details (other than user name which you can't normally change anyway). So you could wait until the particular date you wanted, then change the email address and change it back again.

Just remember that the server lives at UTC+10.

Thanks for the data, I know it sounds silly and stupid but my OCD forces me to have it updated to a "nice date" :S

So, the wait for 2014-01-01 has begun... :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi jon, another question here.

Why the "Date issued" fields do not match between the "My Account" page and the License Manager popup? Shouldn't they be the same and consistent?

On My Account page I see 16 Feb 2013 (the last time I've bought/added a license)
On the License Manager I see 22/01/13 (I think that was the first time I bought a license)

You probably have an old certificate installed on the computer you're looking at. If you re-download your certificate from the website it should have the updated date and any other details that were changed on 16th Feb.

Hmm no... my computer BSOD the other day, today I reinstalled Windows 7 x64, installed DOPUS trial and downloaded the latest certificate to it. I did manually import the previous configuration by copying those folder on your sticky post over the trial. Maybe that broke something? I noticed a .cert file there when carrying the config over...

Maybe. Try re-downloading the certificate and installing it.

I did leo - I installed it from scratch. The license reflects my latest changes (2 main licenses, advanced FTP, 1 USB export), but the issue date is still the old one

Oh well, I recommend closing the Licence Manager window and trying to get on with life. :slight_smile:

The dates don't really matter and you'll only encounter them if you go looking for them.

OK, nice point :stuck_out_tongue:

I think the date is not updating - now that I remember, when I first bought the license I updated my mail address (because it was wrong), so the web issued a new one with a new date. When I imported it, I also noticed that the date didn't match the one on the web - and that was the very first time I installed DO, so no config issues there.

Although is a silly bug and only bothers my OCD, you should look into it sometimes, why the date is not updated on the license manager, because it makes DO looks a little bit inconsistent and that contrasts with the great level of detail that it has.