Change color on Desktop


got a small problem with setting colors. Everything works good, but when i go in DO to my desktop or the Workspace then it doesnt have my custom colors :neutral_face:

Allready known


I do not know of a way you can use DOpus to set the colors in Windows system virtual folders like the Desktop or My Computer (same as your Workspace?).


Yes workspace == My Computer .. just forgot how it is called in english :wink: .. Also in then etwork the background is not right :frowning: ...

I would also like to change the background colors of the virtual folders such as "my computer" to match the other colors I have set in Di Opus.
Is it possible?

"My Computer" is a special folder that's actually provided by Explorer and only hosted inside of Opus (other folders are similar like the Desktop, etc). As such Opus doesn't have a lot of control over the appearance, however there is an option in Preferences / Display / Options to enable background images in virtual folders. There's no way to configure the colors unfortunately.

There's no way to specify individual colours for My Computer (etc.) but they will inherit the default File Display Background colour in Preferences if you enable the option that Christiaan mentioned.

Unfortunately they also seem to inherit the previously used background image if you change to them from another folder, but if you just want all your folders to use the same background colour/image then turning on that option should be all you need.