Change default text "Email files" button

How can I change the default text for subject and body email when you select a file and use the "Email Files" button? Thanks!

If it's literally called "Email Files", I don't think it's part of Opus. Does it show up in File Explorer's menus as well?

yes, it is default (attached picture).

8th button from the left.
It also appears in Settings -> Customize toolbars -> Commands -> File commands

Thanks. That is indeed part of Opus. (Not on the default toolbars, but can be added.)

I don't think there is a way to change the default subject or body using that, only the address it sends to.

You could make the button put some text into the clipboard for pasting into the email window, if that would help speed things up.

I will try... I liked how it directly attaches files to an email. Will try to reproduce it.

It is scriptable? Can a button be created that sends the file and default text of our own creation?

It's not scriptable.