Change DOpus icons on the taskbar to different color icons?

Dear All,

After getting disgusted with microsoft going backwards by removing all toolbar buttons in Vistas explorer
except 3-5 which are 98% useless for me at least, I tested several vista compatible file managers.

Well I concluded that DOpus is the number 1 from all others!

But just before I buy it I want to know if it is possible
to change DOpus icons on the Windows taskbar
(not tray icon) with some of mine.

Im always using Dual Vertical Styles so the Windows taskbar icons
DOpus turn blue.
So they are the same color as Internet Explorer icons on the taskbar
making it difficult to distinguish between them all.

Please help, I may try anything, even in windows registry
to have DOpus icons in Dual Vertical Styles
be always yellow or display my custom yellow icons
on the Windows taskbar.

Thanking you in advance for any info,

You can't change the shape but you can change the colours to whatever you want, as shown below:

Dear nudel,

Thanks a million! i will buy DOpus right now!